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Build your permanent bitcoin space with community and resources.

PlebLab, Austin

Crispy chats with CEO Car from PlebLab.

hack.bs - Hackerspace in Italy!

Daniela and Alekos describe their journey to founding hackbs, a bitcoin-centric hackerspace in Brescia, Italy.

Magic MultiSig Trust Machine

Magic MultiSig Trust Machine My Story At Bitcoin Alive in Sydney 2023, I met a couple of new friends and started a bitcoin MultiSig. We each put the…

What is an unspent space?!

What is this all about??

Satoshi's Place, UK

Crispy chats with Adam, the owner of Satoshi's Place, a bitcoin hub located in Bury, UK.

First podcast episode!

Welcome to the first episode of the unspent.space podcast.

Welcome to unspent.space

Welcome to the unspent.space site. Whether you're trying to start your own space or joining others, this community will help you join the dots.